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The entryway sets the scene for your home. So when decorating a foyer put as much thought into it as you would any other room in the house. Think about style,functionality,color,and the mood you want to create. Also,take a look at a few other considerations,like a place for coats,umbrellas,and more.

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  • How to decorate a foyer in a small house?

  • How to Decorate a Foyer 1 Table or Shelf. Every foyer should have some sort of surface where you can toss your keys, the mail, loose change, or whatever else you pick up or drop off … 2 Mirror. … 3 Lighting. … 4 Carpet Runner or Large Door Mat. … 5 Shoe Rack or Mat. … 6 Additional Decorating Tips. …

  • Do you need a mirror in a foyer?

  • You might want to take one last look of yourself before leaving the house, so it is always a good idea to include a mirror when decorating a foyer. A full-length mirror is great if it makes sense in your space, but otherwise hanging one over your table or shelf is perfect.

  • Does your foyer really matter?

  • What we mean to say is something you probably already know: your foyer matters. Proper foyer decor can instantly make guests feel welcome, can establish the spirit of your home, and can also be a small space full of practical storage solutions.

  • What do you put in a foyer to make a statement?

  • This foyer designed Tamsin Johnson. All it takes is a chic mirror, accent chair, umbrella holder, and a couple of hooks. With the right pieces, yo u can stretch just a few items into a sculptural statement.

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