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Wooden 鈥渟oldiers鈥?around the base of a tree will bring your raised flower bed to life. You can then plant onions,sage,dill,and chives,then throw in some orange and yellow blooms like chrysanthemums for pops of color. For added height and contrast,you can also intersperse with allium and juniper.

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  • How to plan your flower bed ideas?

  • Our flower bed ideas will inspire you if you want to create a stunning flower garden or have a new flower bed to plant and no clue where to start When planning your flower bed ideas, the most important step is to be able to visualize what your beds will look like in the future. Patience is key.

  • What are the best flower bed ideas for front of house?

  • For those of you who love low maintenance flower bed ideas for front of house, then shrubs can be a fabulous choice. Natural or manufactured stone are perfect for any raised flower bed design. Stone borders can help sculpt the landscape and create undulating lines to edge your front of house flower beds.

  • Can you use a flower bed as a garden path?

  • Use flower beds to line a garden path Whether you opt for raised garden bed ideas or plant straight into the ground, flower beds can make exceptional dividers for a garden path. This is especially the case when you bring tall, architectural plants into the mix.

  • What are the best front yard flower bed ideas for desert climate?

  • A front yard flower bed with rock is becoming more and more popular in desert climate regions. At least, it will easily meet your need of low-maintenance ways. No matter what types of front yard flower bed idea you favor, choose right plants for your climate and the specific conditions of your front yard.

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