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Use white flowers and a big garlandto decorate your rocky fireplace area. Put the Christmas tree near it. Hang the big jute balls on the roof. Give it a look like you are staying away from home,in a cabin,in a jungle like hunters use to do.

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  • How to decorate a rustic fireplace decoration for Christmas?

  • Have a look and get an idea to have a rustic fireplace decoration for this Christmas. The fireplace in your living room is the center point of your home; decorate in such a way that it amuses everyone. Hand the angel wings on top of the mantel on the wall, use garlands and light to decorate the mantel.

  • What do you put on your fireplace mantel This Christmas?

  • This Christmas you can try a few different ideas. Take a look at these and pick your favorite. A common Christmas custom is to decorate the fireplace mantel with things like garlands, wreaths or stockings.

  • What to do with your old fireplace area this Christmas?

  • This Christmas turn that fireplace area into something attractive and beautiful . In the traditional times, fireplaces are used to keep us warm and we all use the nearby area to set up the Christmas tree. But with time, everything changes. This year turn your old fireplace area or the corner place into something worth and eye-catchy.

  • How to decorate your home with natural elements for Christmas?

  • Those who want to use natural elements to decor their homes will find this idea quite exciting. The idea consists of traditional whites, greens, and red. You can even decorate your fireplace with it to get a cozy rustic Christmas fireplace. Use simple garlands, lights, and stockings to decorate the mantel. How to do that?

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