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  • How can I decorate my house for Easter?

  • Use food coloring to paint flowers onto eggs’ shells, then enhance with a black permanent marker. Gather a bunch of these together for a fun edible centerpiece at Easter brunch. Use gold foil for a modern, fresh take on classic Easter egg dyeing. If you use faux eggs, you can have these as decor for many Easters to come!

  • How do you decorate Easter eggs to make them last?

  • To make decorated eggs last beyond the season, blow them out first. Once cleaned, they are ready to be decorated. Our best ideas find inspiration in the spring season itself: floppy-eared Easter bunnies, flowers in bloom, chicks, and pastel colors.

  • How do you decorate an Easter tree for kids?

  • Make gorgeous Spring Bird Eggs and decorate with this super easy Easter Tree for Kids. Here is a super simple one for you 鈥?wash out some egg shells, pop them on some playdough or blu tack and use them as mini vases with the kids. SO CUTE!

  • How do you make an easter egg for a wedding?

  • Mark each place at the Easter table with a gorgeous egg bearing the first initial of each guest’s name. Simply fleck tan acrylic paint (thinned with a bit of water) on undyed farm eggs using a small paintbrush, then when dry, handwrite the letters with a gold paint pen. Paint the entire egg with green acrylic paint.

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