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Place the tv on one side of a long dresser and a lamp or other large accesosrie on the other. Use a tray or stack of books (or layer both) to corral small decorating items in the middle. Hang art around the tv and bring it down close to the dresser top to fill most of the negative space.

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  • Can you put a TV on top of a dresser?

  • When you have a TV on or hung above your dresser, we recommend adding low-profile decor on the dresser top. Think: short vases and plants or a small stack of books. You want to make sure you don鈥檛 obscure the view of the TV.

  • How to decorate a dresser display?

  • Accessorize Fill in any gaps in your dresser display with personalized accessories. Knickknacks like wood letters, geodes, small clocks, glass cloches, animal figurines or seashells add interest to your dresser plus reflect your interests and hobbies. 6.

  • Can You decorate around a large TV?

  • A television is great for movie nights and binge-watching favorite shows. But TVs aren鈥檛 always the easiest things to decorate around, especially if they鈥檙e large. In a perfect world, you wouldn鈥檛 allow your television to take up precious space on a console or media stand.

  • How to design a bedroom with a TV?

  • When designing a bedroom with a TV, start by thinking about the placement of your TV and how it will fit into the overall layout of your space. A simple and straightforward solution is to place your television directly across from your bed.

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