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  • How do you decorate a dough Bowl center piece?

  • Forage your garden for greenery to clip, add as the first layer in the dough bowl styling and then top with fruit. Use oranges, apples, pomegranates or any fruit that will hold up well for a couple of weeks of display. Candles add warmth to a dough bowl centerpiece on a table. Be sure not to leave candles burning unless you are there to watch!

  • What do you put in your dough Bowl?

  • Earlier this year, we filled our dough bowl with faux tulips on our coffee table to create a cozy vibe. Add a candle and your favorite mug of hot cocoa for the perfect spot to work or take an afternoon nap. Check out the dough bowl filled with florals in my family room.

  • What is an antique dough bowl used for?

  • an antique dough bowl used for storing books, magazines and other coffee table stuff a vintage dough bowl with antique books and bookends brings a touch of vintage and elegance a large antique dough bowl is used to store magazines and newspapers under the coffee table

  • Can you use a dough Bowl as a planter?

  • Certainly faux flowers can be used, but to actually use the bowl as a planter you could consider lining the bottom and the sides of the bowl with a plastic sheet in order to keep the wood from staying wet. In this case, it appears that one or two potted flowers were placed inside the dough bowl.

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