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  • How to decorate with a dough Bowl?

  • small wooden dough bowls and some blooms can make up a stylish rustic centerpiece vintage dough bowl display with various fruits can be a nice kitchen decoration a wabi-sabi space with a dough bowl on a coffee table – place anything you want there

  • How do you fill a dough Bowl with flowers?

  • One of the easiest ways to style a dough bowl in the kitchen, is to add a few faux branches and then layer in often used napkins or placemats to cover the stems. And in the fall, faux pumpkins are a great filler for a dough bowl filled with seasonal flowers or greenery.

  • What do you put in a dough Bowl for Easter?

  • The filler includes green berry balls, faux hydrangeas, artichokes, artificial foliage and a moss bunny in the center (this can be removed after Easter). (via Pinterest) 26. A simple dining table centerpiece, this dough bowl is adorned with a hurricane glass vase surrounded by lamb鈥檚 ear spray and faux decorative lemons. (via Pinterest)

  • What do you fill your white dough Bowl with?

  • And equally simple is a pretty white dough bowl filled with faux pine greenery and pine cones on the kitchen countertop. All of these take only minutes and are easy to style for the winter season. A few weeks back, I used my white dough bowl in the kitchen and filled it with faux peonies and eucalyptus branches.

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