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  • How do you decorate a Christmas Tree properly?

  • Maybe this goes without saying, but fluff all of the branches on the tree and make sure that the tree is standing straight from top to bottom. I鈥檝e completely decorated a tree more than once, only to realize that the top half of the tree is leaning. Make sure that all of the lights are working.

  • How do you mount a Christmas tree in a pot?

  • Even though the tree we used was seven feet tall, we wanted to add some height so we, quite literally, placed the tree in an oversized pot, attaching the base with *very Designer* Duct Tape to ensure security. You will then want to go through and fluff the tree branches to get ready for ornament placement.

  • How do you attach ornaments to a tree without damaging it?

  • Snug the ornament up against the tree branch when attaching it to the tree instead of letting it dangle. Use long ornaments to help fill empty spaces. Give your Christmas tree more dimension, fill in holes and make the tree appear larger by adding picks throughout the body of it.

  • How to decorate a Christmas tree with glitter tape?

  • Add decor embellishments such as ribbon, lightweight garland and glitter tape once all of the picks, ornaments and oversized pieces have been added to the tree To add glitter tape, start attaching it near the top, but below the topper.

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