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how to decorate a gingerbread house how to decorate a flower bed

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Dress up your deck by adding color-coordinated window baskets and a pergolato deflect the sun. Chairs around the table and the fire pit all wear the same color cushions to connect spaces. Decks aren’t just for daytime. Add strategically placed lights around your deck to set the mood with illumination as the sun sets.

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  • What do you use to decorate your deck?

  • a small dark deck with an upholstered bench, potted greenery, cacti and succulents, a wall lamp and a side table a small deck turned into a dining space, with modern furniture, a living tree, a candle lantern and pillows

  • What can I plant on my deck to make it beautiful?

  • Group containers 鈥?tall, medium and small ones 鈥?to make a stunning deck focal point. Choose flower colors that complement your house, deck or outdoor furniture. For a hot palette, choose flowers such as red verbena, orange marigolds and yellow sunflowers.

  • How do you decorate an outdoor deck with pillows?

  • Whether you add pillows to outdoor chairs or provide them for guests who prefer to lounge along the edge of the deck, they’ll help you reiterate your deck’s decorating scheme. Choose outdoor fabrics in cheery coordinating colors for easy-to-sew pillow covers; spray with a washable protectant to help them shrug off moisture and stains.

  • What to do with a small space with an L shaped deck?

  • a small black and white deck with an L-shaped upholstered bench, a coffee table, a candle lantern and potted greenery a small boho-inspired black and white deck with modern furniture, pillows, potted greenery to refresh the space

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