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Enhance an upholstered daybed with a tailored cover. If you don鈥檛 typically use your upholstered daybed as a bed,consider having a tailored,all-in-one cover made,with matching bolsters. Contrasting piping looks especially sharp. Dress it with crisp sheets,a folded duvet and a tailored bed skirt.

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  • How do you dress a daybed?

  • Dress it with crisp sheets, a folded duvet and a tailored bed skirt. Go with classic bedding, like crisp white hotel-style sheets and a matching duvet. The tailored bed skirt helps the daybed look smart. This look works well for a daybed in a guest room. Or try sheets, a duvet and an armful of pillows.

  • Can you put a daybed in a living room?

  • Given the overall impact a daybed makes on a living room, you can鈥檛 simply consider it on its own. When considering daybed living room ideas, it鈥檚 best to try and tie together the whole theme of the space. Otherwise, you鈥檒l end up with an out-of-place-daybed that looks like it doesn鈥檛 belong anywhere near your living room.

  • What can I use as a daybed in a rustic living room?

  • Pallets, new or worn will work perfectly for a daybed in a rustic living room. Hessian cushions and roughly stitched ottomans bind it together along with weathered paint techniques on side tables.

  • What are the different types of daybed bedding ideas?

  • There are all types of daybed bedding ideas to make yours stand out and reflect your personality. If you get a model with clean, angular lines and dress it up with neutral bedding and pillows, you鈥檒l have an ideal modern set up. Alternatively, add pops of color like orange, blue or red to give your setup even more personality.

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