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Fit a desk area into a living room corner. Whether we are working from home or the kids need to do their schoolwork,these days there鈥檚 always a need …Place a freestanding cabinet in a corner. When in search of extra living room storage space,make the most of every empty corner available. …Fit in a window seat. A window seat in a living room corner a good idea 鈥?as it has so many uses. …Add interest with a stylish storage niches. If you have narrow or dead space,consider adding some seasonal charm with log storage ideas. …Dedicate a corner to a gallery wall. Turn a blank corner into your own gallery wall by hanging artwork together as a cluster. …Fit in a tall houseplant. If you’re after a simple and cost-effective way to fill a living corner,then a houseplant could be the answer.

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  • What are the best living room corner ideas?

  • Sculptures are one of the best living room corner ideas and can simply fill an empty space or make a statement like in this Tineke Triggs living room. Whether placed on a pedestal or high table or displayed on its own, a sculpture is a designer favourite way to add interest to an unexpected space.

  • How to decorate a corner in Your House?

  • And luckily, corner decoration tends to be easy. Sometimes all it takes is an accent chair, a gallery wall, or an indoor plant. So keep reading for 30 stylish corner decorating ideas to polish off every inch of your home.

  • How do you fill a corner in a small living room?

  • A small, round table topped with a nice floral arrangement and flanked by a small chair can make for a nice little spot to sit and write a quick thank-you note or pile of party invitations. If you are a reader, a scaled down wingback or slipper chair paired with a wall mounted shelf that can hold a small stack of books is a perfect corner filler.

  • How to decorate your living room decor?

  • Reading Nook Make it super simple to read and relax. Place a bookshelf in the corner along with a spot for magazines. Decorate the wall with inspiring word art and photos, and roll out a comfy rug on the floor. 22. Storage Chest Your living room decor can also double as storage space for books, board games and crafts.

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