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HOW TO STYLE A STORAGE CONSOLE TABLE. Add a large mirror or artwork centered and hung approx 6-10鈥?above the console. Add height and lighting by adding a table lamp. Stack Booksfor height and add a plant to bring the look to life. Use metal lanterns or terrariums with at least 3 heights Mix Metals or woods.

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  • How to decorate a console table in front of a window?

  • Make sure your decor coordinates with curtains. This is a great place to have a coffee table with ottomans underneath as there is probably a chair not too far from the window. The ottomans can be easily pulled out as a footrest. Here鈥檚 a more typical decorating scenario for decorating a console table in front of a window.

  • What can you put on a console table?

  • This console table uses its crisp white coloring to full advantage. With a blank canvas of sorts, you can add beautiful neutrals and simple antique pieces that are sure to pop with the fresh look of your display. A mirror above is a great way to add depth and interest while adding books will create an illusion of height. 11.

  • How do you make a console table look warm?

  • Golden-hued accents, from a brass lamp to lemons, bring warmth to this wood console table in a space from 2to5 Design. This transitional design is achieved through a mix of contemporary art and an antique console table. Design by Woody Argall Design.

  • How do you decorate a console table for spring?

  • Linda from The Home I Create decorates this stunning console table for spring by integrating white flowers with her traditional blue and white accessories. She illustrates that you can create entry decor for a specific season while combining it with the classic decor you already have.

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