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Twinkle lightsare a cost-effective way to make your wreath sparkle. Pick up a short strand and wind them around the wreath so the lights are evenly spaced out. Hang the wreath in your window for a beautiful,festive decoration. You can purchase a 10 ft (3.0 m) strand of twinkle for around $10 from your local crafts store.

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  • How can I use a wreath to decorate my home?

  • But don鈥檛 stop there, as there鈥檚 a whole host of ways to use wreaths to decorate every part of your home, from your walls to your Christmas table. The humble wreath is one of the most versatile outdoor Christmas decoration ideas at your disposal during the festive season.

  • Can you hang a wreath on a Christmas tree?

  • Well, thanks to these DIY Christmas wreath ideas, you can. In fact, you just outline a wooden monogram piece with pine cones, and then hang it with a pretty ribbon.

  • What kind of wreath do you use for a front door?

  • For this Front door Christmas wreath, Nancy used a faux frasier fir wreath. This type of wreath is perfect to decorate because they鈥檙e inexpensive and the branches can be bent and used to hold decorations on the wreath. Once you鈥檝e selected your wreath, fluff all of the branches until the wreath is nice and full.

  • What are some theme Ideas for a Christmas wreath?

  • Theme ideas include candy, winter sports, country Christmas, holiday baking, and fishing. You could even design your wreath around a single color like red or gold. The possibilities are endless!

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