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  • How do you decorate a garland like a Christmas tree?

  • Just like a faux Christmas tree, a holiday garland needs to be fluffed before getting started. If your garland has lights, be sure to test those before decorating too. Nancy recommends decorating one half of the garland at a time, beginning in the middle and working your way toward the end.

  • How do you make Christmas Garland for a mantel?

  • Lay branches cut to various lengths along your mantel, then string cream felt balls to create the first garland. For the second garland, use thick cream yarn and make a braid long enough to span your mantel. Make pom-poms to hang, equally spaced, from the braid.

  • How much Garland do I need to decorate a porch?

  • Editor’s Tip: Always buy more garland than you think you will need. You’ll want to allow excess for draping. We’ve found that one-and-a-half times the length of your space is enough. Create a farmhouse Christmas porch with a faux magnolia wreath, star decorations, and a classic garland.

  • How do you hang a Christmas Garland on a kitchen wall?

  • Use two or three pieces of double-stick mounting tape per snowflake to hold the lacy patterns flat against the railings and create a homemade winter wonderland. You’ll forget you’re entering the kitchen when you walk through this Christmas garland idea.

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