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  • Can You decorate a cake with chocolate chips?

  • You can decorate almost any dessert with chocolate. Decorating Cakes with Chocolate is quick, easy and all you need is chocolate chips, a sheet of parchment paper and something to pipe it with; either a ziploc bag, or if you have one, you can use a frosting baggy with a pointy tip (to be completely un-technical).

  • How do you decorate a cake with Candy?

  • Just put your candy, like a chocolate bar or peanut butter cup, into a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to break it up into sprinkle-sized pieces. Then, sprinkle the pieces onto the top and sides of your cake. It will be covered in pieces of candy, almost like sprinkles.

  • Can You decorate desserts with chocolate?

  • This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. You can decorate almost any dessert with chocolate.

  • How do you add chocolate to a cake?

  • If you want to add chocolate to your cake in a creative way, try frosting it with chocolate and cream, dripping chocolate along the sides of your cake, or creating 3D shapes to stand on top of your cake to make delicious and interesting designs with chocolate.

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