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  • What can you do with a china hutch?

  • Use your hutch to store your fancy china set. The most traditional use of a china hutch is to put the best dishes on display. Glass-front cabinet doors allow beautiful pieces to be seen without accumulating dust.

  • How to decorate a china cabinet?

  • For instance, instead of the mirror, use a wallpaper to cover the back of the cabinet. This idea is great if you have solid colored china in a solid colored cabinet. For an open china cabinet, use fabric to cover the shelves on display. Make use of old shawls and scarves to add texture to the overall display.

  • How do you decorate a hutch display?

  • Ensure the display flows naturally with other decor in the room. When decorating a hutch, think about the decorations in the surrounding area. You don’t want the items in the hutch to stick out like a sore thumb. Rather, you want them to blend into the area naturally.

  • Can you put things on top of a storage Hutch?

  • While it can be tempting to throw things on top of the hutch in an effort to decorate the hutch, that can be a bit too much. If you want to decorate the top, do it sparsely, such as using an evergreen branch around the holidays. Adding too much on top can make the whole thing feel too cluttered. Plus, the items up there will likely just get dusty.

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