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Window decals

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  • How can I decorate my car for a graduation car parade?

  • If you’re attending a graduation car parade definitely decorate your car! Anything that’s fun and colorful will work. Make posters, attach flags and/or magnets (most of the flags below come as magnets too) or buy a complete car decorating kit.

  • Can you put a flag on a car for graduation?

  • You don鈥檛 have to buy your grad a car to decorate one with a giant bow. This one is designed just for graduation and makes a big statement. Sparkly pennant flags are a great way to celebrate a grad and, better yet, they鈥檙e easy to attach to a car.

  • How do you decorate a high school graduation card?

  • Decorate it with paper, ribbons, and other decorations in your color scheme, then tack up a few pictures, pins, or paper certificates. Prop it up on the table or hang it on the wall behind. You can add pictures of the grad to the bulletin board, or even use it to hang up a picture collage.

  • How to decorate a graduation ceremony?

  • Throw a colored tablecloth over a fold-out table and accent it with twinkly lights or ribbons. Place it to the side in 1 room but make sure people can see it by placing a balloon bouquet or some bunting nearby. Keep the decorations neutral and let the grad鈥檚 accomplishments take the spotlight. Display the diploma and awards on the table.

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