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  • How to bake a strawberry cake with strawberries?

  • Follow These Steps. Using a paring knife, slice the strawberries lengthwise to between 鈪?inch and -inch thickness. Starting from the outside perimeter of the cake, place a ring of strawberries with the points facing out. Continue layering concentric rings of strawberries around the cake, overlapping each layer slightly, until you reach the center.

  • How to decorate a strawberry cake with raspberry preserves?

  • Now heat 1 cup of raspberry preserves in microwave until it becomes soft to use. Brush the thin layer of raspberry preserves on your strawberry decoration to give a nice shine and save them from getting dry. This will give your strawberry cake decoration n ethnic look by which everyone going to impress.

  • How to make a Strawberry rose for dessert?

  • Slice strawberry half into thin slices like on the photo. The slices will be petals for our strawberry rose. 3. Spread the strawberry slices like on the photo. 4. Roll the strawberry slices into a spiral. 5. 4 large slices of strawberry place under each other on dessert.

  • How do you make the best strawberry and chocolate chip cake?

  • Just get some fresh whole strawberries, some chocolate chips, and various toppings of your choice. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, dip the strawberries in one at a time, and add toppings as you go.

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