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  • What is fondant and how do you use it?

  • Fondant is a thick sugary paste that can be rolled to smoothly cover a cake. You can also make a variety of three-dimensional fondant decorations to apply to your cake.

  • How do you make fondant stick to a cake?

  • Make sure the top of the cake is level before you begin. Frost the top and sides of your cake with a buttercream frosting of your choice. Using an all-butter buttercream will help the fondant stick to your cake and can hide imperfections in the baked cake.

  • How do you measure fondant size?

  • Then measure the top and sides of your cake with a piece of string. Lay a long piece of string over the top of the cake and fold the ends down against the sides of the cake. Trim of any excess string that touches the plate. Take the string off and set it aside. You will be using it to measure the size of your fondant.

  • Can a beginner cake decorator use fondant icing?

  • We’ve put together this simple guide that focuses on six specific tips to decorating a cake for the beginning home baker. Since this is a beginner’s guide, we won’t even bother discussing fondant icing, as it is beyond the scope of a beginner cake decorator, and instead, focus on buttercream .

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