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Adding white pillowsto a brown leather couch is a classic way to decorate it. White goes with many pieces of furniture and brightens up the dark brown on the couch. Both the white pillows and brown couch match well with the walls,flooring,and other furniture in this living room.

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  • How do you decorate a brown sofa?

  • Choose an earthy wall color and decorate your brown sofa with neutral pillows or throws for a warm, inviting living room. 2. Choose warm accent colors. Brown is a warm neutral that plays well with wood and other warm tones (think: the typical colors of fall ).

  • What color goes with a dark brown leather sofa?

  • By adding plants to your living room, you can brighten up the space while drawing attention to your dark brown leather sofa. In this living room, lots of plants surround the settee to create a down-to-earth look. When it comes to selecting the best accent color that pairs well with dark brown, try black!

  • What is your biggest complaint about decorating with a brown sofa?

  • My biggest complaint with decorating with a brown sofa is how dark it made my space. After doing a bit of research I discovered having a brown sofa doesn鈥檛 mean it has to be dark and dreary. Check out these bright and beautiful spaces with dark sofas. Anyone else living with something that might not be their style anymore?

  • How do you keep a brown leather couch from overwhelming a room?

  • Another way to prevent a brown leather couch from overwhelming a room is to make almost everything else white. You need a lot of a lighter color to balance a very dark one, so feel free to go all-white if you’d like. Crisp white ceilings, walls, and floors help keep this cozy nook light and bright.

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