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Another one of our favorite ideas for blank walls is to use floating shelvesfor artful displays. Instead of hanging wall art,lean a few large art prints and mix in small objects and tiny plants on the shelves to create visual interest while showing off your personal style.

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  • How do you decorate a room with big blank walls?

  • Oversized mirrors are wonderful solutions to decorate big blank walls and are a great base for a layered look. In our living room, I placed a mirror and a favorite smaller painting on a table to add texture to the wall while still allowing me to decorate with florals and other decorative pieces around it.

  • What can you put on a blank wall instead of Art?

  • When you have a big, blank wall to fill, your first thought may be a gallery wall. There鈥檚 nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it鈥檚 nice to break up all of that flat framed artwork with something different. Enter baskets, brackets, paint-dipped objects, wall sculptures, special paint effects and more.

  • How do you dress up a blank wall?

  • Perhaps one of the easiest ways of dressing up a blank wall is by propping a mirror up against it. Mirrors have the power to open up a space, and as shown in a guest room of Amanda Seyfried’s Catskills retreat, opting out of hanging it gives the room a relaxed feel.

  • How do you make a blank wall come to life?

  • From framed photos to vintage baubles, well-curated vignettes will make any blank wall really come to life. A good rug can is an deal way to add texture, warmth and pops of color to any room. But it’s time to forget about the floors for a moment and tack one on the wall instead.

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