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Use a faux-rust varnish to make a newer birdcage look vintage.If you don鈥檛 want a metallic look,use any colors to match or complement your decor. …For instance,if your living room is decorated with a brown and blue color scheme,paint it a deep indigo color to add a sense of drama and depth.

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  • How do you decorate a birdcage?

  • Birdcages are charming pieces that can be embellished to fit any occasion or decor. Get creative with how you accessorize your birdcage, using plants, paints, knick-knacks, beads, and other items. Adding natural or artificial light to the birdcage can bring a touch of romance and class to any home or special event. Method 1

  • How to use a bird cage as a centerpiece?

  • if you are looking to create a centerpiece arrangement, a bird cage can be used as an elegant accessory just like the table centerpiece. Outdoors, a bird cage can be used as a hanging planter or bohemian decor piece.

  • What can you put in a bird cage?

  • Maybe you can put some antique books inside a large bird cage 鈥?it鈥檒l be a great idea. There are also stands and flat racks that are in the shape of a bird cage. The flat ones can be used to hang up photographs, or to hang and organize your jewelry in your bedroom. Birdcages make great housing for plants 鈥?no matter, natural or artificial ones.

  • How to decorate a bird cage with succulents?

  • Plant a large aloe in the center surrounded by ornate and small succulent plants to form an amazing arrangement. The large size of the cage itself will catch your eye while the plants and perched bird figure on top will captivate your spirit.

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