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Doubling up on framesis a great way to introduce structure and visual interest when decorating a large blank wall. Multi-piece artwork and photographs can be spun one of two ways: as one piece that bleeds across two frames (a diptych) or two related pieces paired together.

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  • How do you decorate a large wall in a house?

  • How to Decorate a Large Wall 1 Displayed Collections. An easy way to fill a blank wall is to display a collection of items 鈥?try a group of gold-colored ornaments, matching art pieces, or family photos. 2 No-Holds-Barred Gallery. … 3 Handy Shelving. … 4 Pretty Decals. … 5 Decorative Greenery. … 6 Wall Mirrors. … 7 Metal Accents. …

  • What is the fastest way to fill large blank wall spaces?

  • In my opinion, the fastest way to fill large blank wall spaces is to add LARGE items that provide a lot of coverage. Large scale pieces to hang on your walls do not have to come with a large price tag 鈥?there are plenty of ways to cost-effectively deck out your big @ss walls without breaking the bank.

  • How do you cover a large area on the wall?

  • Hanging a beautiful blanket, quilt or tapestry can be a very effective and fast way of covering a large expanse on your wall. It can be anything from a vintage patchwork quilt, to a highly textural woven blanket.

  • How can I decorate my living room wall with collage?

  • Filling up your living room wall with a collage allows you to bring multiple pieces together to create one big art piece, she explains. Depending on the sizes you are working with, the collage can be linear or organic鈥攋ust remember to plan it out before putting it on the wall to ensure you achieve the desired effect. Apply patterned wallpaper.

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