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A versatile way to decorate the ledge of a bay window is tocover it with a large cushion. This turns the ledge into a comfortable place to sit, and gives you an area to look out your window more easily.

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  • How to decorate a bay window sill?

  • Wall lamps, one of the modern ideas for bay window sills is to combine them with lights on the wall. The correct location of these gives a spectacular touch. Spotlights, when replacing the unused window sill, it is ideal for placing small external spotlights.

  • How do you decorate a window ledge for Christmas?

  • Add some pizzazz to your window ledge with an assortment of bottle brush Christmas trees. They’re a small addition that can have a big impact on your holiday decor setup. During the fall season, enhance your window sill with a colorful mix of pumpkins, leaves, and cinnamon sticks.

  • How to decorate a bay window dining room?

  • One of the ideas to decorate the dining room bay window is to mix real plants with transparent vases and artificial light. And thus, create an atmosphere of harmony when tasting the homemade dishes between meals.

  • When to replace the window sill with a ledge window?

  • Sometimes it is necessary to replace the window sill with a ledge window sill due to deterioration or old age. You can decorate it with long plants and a delicate touch of paint to extend its life. The bay window sill replacement is usually a little expensive.

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