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鈥淐olor,pattern,and texture all come into play when styling your bar cart,鈥?says Owens. 鈥?strong>Colorful straws and custom coastersadd signature style and function. Cloth cocktail napkins are a small touch that can go a long way.鈥?Vintage bar accessories such as cocktail stirs or picks are also a charming addition.

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  • What is a bar cart and how do you style it?

  • While, by definition, bar carts are places to store liquor and glasses with easy access, they can also be as beautiful as they are useful鈥攊f you know how to style them. Luckily, for those of you in need of a little inspiration, we scoured the depths of Pinterest to find some seriously chic bar cart ideas.

  • How to decorate a bar cart with glitter?

  • Add A Few Candles The Glitter Guide. Add a bit of a romantic vibe to your bar cart by adding some pretty candles. Even when they aren鈥檛 lit, they鈥檙e sure to look amazing and instantly elevate your bar cart鈥檚 look. 28. Display Your Glasses Upside Down

  • What color glass should be in a bar cart?

  • Most glassware you’ll find is devoid of color, but taking the time to find a few statement pieces in brighter hues will instantly make your bar cart stand apart from the others. We love the pink and yellow glasses in this bar cart belonging to Leslie Martin of See Love Covet.

  • What can you put on a bar tray instead of a cart?

  • In lieu of a cart, a portable bar tray will certainly get the job done. Keep it stocked with your favorite liquors, a few cute straws and maybe a decorative object or two. If you have room, you can even add a couple of your favorite glasses to have at-the-ready for when you need a quick drink. 6. Add Your Record Player Chronicles of Frivolity.

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