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  • How do you decorate a condo interior design?

  • You can incorporate hidden storage with custom cabinetry around the sink in the bathroom and underneath the bed in the bedroom. Additionally, you can make the most of the wall space with pretty vertical storage. Let the biggest items, like cabinets and sofas, in your condo interior design, be neutral.

  • How do you decorate a room with two colors?

  • Stick to a two-color scheme and place the colorful elements so that the eye travels around the room. Here, blue patterned curtains dress the window. The color travels to the bed with throw pillows and passes the baton to the room’s second color, a cheery yellow headboard.

  • What are some smart condo interior design ideas for apartments?

  • A smart condo interior design idea for apartments is to decorate with curves. Curvy couches, circular mirrors, and robust armchairs can give an illusion that there is more space in the room than there is.

  • How do I decorate a small apartment bedroom?

  • A new paint job on a bed frame or nightstand can be just as impactful as new color on the walls. Use the furniture colors as a springboard for other small apartment bedroom ideas to incorporate into your space. Repeat the colors on accessories and linens for a pulled-together look.

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