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  • How do you decorate shelves?

  • Unless you鈥檙e going for a monochromatic look, use one main color for the majority of the pieces and add beautiful accent pieces that are at least two other colors. As you鈥檙e decorating your shelves, it helps to divide them into sections in your mind instead of just thinking of them as one huge blank space you have to figure out how to decorate.

  • How can I hide a whole wall of shelving?

  • For a modern scheme, try fitting a streamlined sliding panel to conceal a whole wall of shelving, cabinets and also pull-out cabinets. Yuanshikj 2Pc (56 tall 12deep 3/4) Industrial Wall Mount iron Pipe Shelf Shelves Shelving Bracket Vintage Retro…

  • Should you build your own wall shelves?

  • Building your own DIY wall shelves can save you money and have you get the actual look you were going for. As far as DIY home projects go, building your own shelves is not that much harder than putting up premade ones (not to mention how much you will save for way higher quality materials).

  • What is wall shelving?

  • Easy to Assemble DIY – Just 4pcs shelf boards (No… Wall shelving is an easy and simple way to provide your space an elegant and eclectic feel while surrounding yourself with the important things that inform your story.

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