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  • How do you Celebrate Christmas in the Dominican Republic?

  • 1. The 鈥淐haramicos鈥?鈥?A sign of Christmas in the Dominican Republic is the appearance of hundreds of wooden hand-crafted Christmas trees, stars, reindeers and other animals displayed in the streets.

  • What is the Dominican Christmas tree?

  • The Dominican Republic is a tropical island located in the Caribbean; hence the lack of snow, and pine trees! Therefore, the Dominican Christmas tree is in fact a dry tree branch that is painted in white, and decorated with ornaments, ribbons, balls, and lights.

  • What do they drink in the Dominican Republic for Christmas?

  • And this is how apples, mandarines, grapes, and raisins have become such an integral part of the Dominican Christmas tradition. Popular Christmas drinks include alcoholic and non-alcoholic eggnog 鈥?ponche – and the lesser-known licor de mandarina – mandarin liqueur.

  • What are the Christmas superstitions in Dominica?

  • Some Annual Superstitions 鈥?One of the longest-standing Christmas traditions is to clean out the old鈥?and 鈥榮tart the new year fresh and clean鈥?to ensure good luck for the household. Many Dominicans scrub the whole house very well, from top to bottom. A sort of 鈥楴ew Years鈥?clean, rather than a 鈥楽pring Clean鈥?

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