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  • Are there any DIY bathroom decor ideas?

  • These DIY bathroom decor ideas and simple makeover projects can help you make the most of your space in as little as a couple of hours. Who says toilet paper has to be boring? Upgrade your toilet paper holder by creating one of your own that has a more contemporary look.

  • How can I make my bathroom my Own?

  • In fact, you can use DIY projects, big and small, to really make your bathroom your own. Whether it’s vanity that fits just right, or a handmade faux-marble countertop, or even just a hand-sewn shower curtain, there are lots of ideas out there on how to use your creativity to personalize your space.

  • What can I do to make my bathroom look rustic?

  • DIY Rustic Wood Accent Wall This DIY idea use weathered barn wood as a focal point behind the tub and helps create the feel of a private sanctuary. The wreath and the old window finish off the rustic look in this area of the bathroom. This is a easy, inexpensive idea that would give your bathroom a unique look.

  • What is the best way to organize a bathroom?

  • 26 Cheap and Easy DIY Bathroom Ideas Anyone Can Do. 1 1. Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder. DIY Project Details: 2 2. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Idea. 3 3. Pretty DIY Tiled Wall Mirror. 4 4. Industrial Farm House Floating Shelves. 5 5. DIY Rope Wrapped Waste Basket. More items

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