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Students decorating their graduation caps would cause issues,disrupt the ceremony鈥檚 uniformity,and thereforeshould not be allowed.

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  • Should students be allowed to decorate their caps?

  • Allowing students to decorate their caps gives them that opportunity to bask in their impending future and success. The graduation ceremony is one of the most memorable and iconic parts of American high school culture.

  • How do you make your own graduation cap?

  • Cut out the grad cap square then cut along the straight line toward the center of the cap. Next, cut a hole much smaller than the button outline to ensure a snug fit on your cap. Paint the sky light blue; let dry. Use a sponge or cotton ball to add white clouds to the sky.

  • Will my graduation cap fall off during the ceremony?

  • Your graduation cap deserves to have enough time and attention to make it something special. If you wait until the last minute to start it, you鈥檒l most likely find yourself scrambling to make sure all the decorations dry in time; naturally, this is a great way to ensure that something will fall off during the ceremony.

  • How long should you wear your graduation cap?

  • Of course, you鈥檒l only wear your graduation cap for a few hours at most; when you consider that you might spend more time decorating the cap than you鈥檒l spend wearing, the whole process might seem a bit silly. However, you are dressing up for the most expensive piece of paper you will ever receive.

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