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  • How to decorate a tree branch with paper blossoms?

  • The paper blossoms have a wonderful realistic look to them once applied to various branches. Stick them in a vase to create a beautiful bouquet that can easily work to add some brightness to your current dcor. This is a great idea for those of you who can鈥檛 have real flowers in your home. 10. Elegant Tree Branch Curtain Rod

  • What to do with branches to decorate your house?

  • 40+ Creative Decorating Ideas with Branches to Bring Nature into Your Home. 1 1. Wall Hanging Branch Card Display. Source: 2 2. Unique Picture Framed Painted Branches. 3 3. Crafty Rustic Twig Picture Frame. 4 4. Stick Based Centerpiece Fruit Bowl. 5 5. Cool Driftwood Wall Coat Hanger. More items

  • How to blend rustic and elegant décor with tree branches?

  • A great way to blend both rustic and elegant dcor is with this gorgeous tree branch curtain rod. Try your hand at acquiring a branch that鈥檚 smooth and unique in terms of color patterns as this can help give it that distinctive contemporary touch.

  • What can I make with tree branches?

  • Besides from tree branches you can make such things as chandeliers, candle holders, key holders, coat racks, jewelry holders and so on.

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