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  • Is a baby is brewing a couples baby shower?

  • A couples baby shower can be so much fun and taking a peek at this A Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower proves exactly that! Add in elements of the brewery portion of their venue, and all of the men were feeling pretty good about attending this great coed baby shower!

  • What to serve at a baby is brewing baby shower?

  • Lunch was a light appetizer and dessert bar, which was perfect for this baby is brewing theme. Everyone enjoyed indulging in different sorts of items. Finally, it was time to dig into the Baby is Brewing baby shower cake! What a fun presentation with the 鈥淏aby Is Brewing鈥?banner that was placed on the top of the cake!

  • What is a good theme for a baby shower?

  • 鈥淎 baby is brewing鈥?is a great theme for a baby shower because it is so versatile. To complement your theme, you could offer tea, coffee or beer! You can use this baby shower theme for:

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